Field Properties (Chart Report)

The Properties dialog allows you to specify how the field appears in the report. You can display this dialog for the highlighted field by clicking the Properties button in Step 3 of the Chart Wizard, double-clicking the field, or selecting the field and pressing Enter.

The options in the Display page of this dialog are:

The options in the Format page of this dialog, which only appears for values fields, are:

The Link page, which only appears for category fields and only if the chart isn't included in a quick or cross-tab report, allows you to link a category (for example, a bar in a column chart or a slice in a pie chart) to another report, commonly known as a "drilldown." When you move the mouse pointer over a linked category in the Preview window, it appears as a hand so you can tell that clicking it causes the linked report to run. The options on this page are disabled unless you set Link Type to Report.

The options in this page are:

The Comments page shows any comments about the field, which is often used to provide a description of the field's contents.