Output Options

There are several possible output destinations for a report: printer, spreadsheet, file, email, etc. You can also preview a report on the screen.

The Output to setting on the Output page of the Reports Explorer determines what happens when you click the Print button; the default output destination is Printer. To output to a file, select File; in this case, the Print button appears as Process instead of Print. To email a report, choose Email; in this case, the Print button appears as Send instead of Print. The Preview button always sends the report to the screen, regardless of how the Output to option is set.

If you turn on Use same options next time report is run, all options specified in this page are used as the defaults the next time the report is selected.

Printing a Report

Stonefield Query normally prints to your default Windows printer. To select a different printer, click the Printer button to bring up the Printer dialog. You can also choose Print Setup from the File menu. The box beside the button shows the current printer.

Outputting a Report to a File

To output a report to a file, select File in the Output to option.

The file to create defaults to the type of file you output to last time in the folder you used last time with the name of the report as the file name. You can, of course, change this by clicking the File button, which allows you to select which type of file to create, as well as the file name and location. Clicking this button brings up the Output to File dialog.

Select the type of file to output to from the Save as type drop-down list. The choices are:

After selecting the file type, enter a name for the file. You can also specify a location for this file using standard File dialog operations. Once you have specified a name and location, click the Save button to accept the file type, name, and location or Cancel to cancel the changes. If the file you selected already exists, you are asked if you want to overwrite it. If you choose Save, the name and location of the file appears beside the File button in the Reports Explorer. Note: to actually create the file, click the Process button in the toolbar.

If you have not activated Stonefield Query, certain output types will only output 20 or less records. These output types are Delimited, Microsoft Excel - Data Only, Spreadsheet, Table, Text, and XML.

The output options available are:

Emailing a Report

To email a report, select Email in the Output to option.

The options available are:

Once you have chosen the desired options, click the Send button. If you did not previously fill in the information in the Email page of the Options dialog, the email cannot be sent. In that case, you are asked if you want to fill that information in now. If so, that page of the Options dialog appears so you can do so and then click the Send button again to send the email.