Version 7.3

These are the new features in the Stonefield Query SDK. See the Stonefield Query help file (SFQuery.chm) for new features in the Report Designer.

  • Configuration settings were reorganized to be in a more logical order, and a new Branding category with branding-related settings (moved from Application) was added. Also, the Support Fax configuration setting was removed for obvious reasons.

  • The new Add Delimiters to All Names setting tells Stonefield Query Studio to add delimiters (such as [ and ]) to all names when the data structures are read from a database.

  • The New Project Wizard and Refresh dialog have a new Advanced Diagnostics setting. Turn this on to create advanced diagnostic files that can help track down problems reading data structures.

  • The new Generate Resource File function in Studio generates an XML file containing the captions for all tables and fields in the data dictionary, making it easier to localize reports.

  • TaskScheduler.dll is no longer installed because that's only required for Windows XP which is no longer supported.

  • A column was added to the data dictionary table (RepMeta.dbf by default) so when you open a project in Studio, it notifies you that the structure will be changed.

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